For the first time the whistle of the mechanical plant built in 1896 the kilometer from Kramatorskaya station hooted in September, 1896. Since April 23, 1899 the plant was given the name of «Kramatorsk metallurgical society» (KMS).


Here is the report given in the «Mining and metallurgical journal» (Russia): «Near the station of Kramatorskaya of the Kursk-Kharkov-Sevastopol railway the mechanical and boiler plant is being built by «W. Fizher & K. Hamper», a reputed company from Austria, to mainly satisfy the requirements of the mines and plants for various machines and boilers in Donbass region». The plant performed various orders for the mines in Southern Russia.


«W. Fizher & K. Hamper» was really a well-known company at that time. The company was entitled to represent the State Emblem of Russia on their products that was a sort of the quality symbol. A newly-built plant also kept strictly to this tradition: twice in 1900 and 1910 the equipment made at KMS was awarded Grant Prizes at the international Exhibition in Paris.


Since 1902, the plant initiated production of rolling equipment while since 1907 the first rolling mills were made.


In 1914, the World War I broke out. The plant product mix was changed: it started stamping the shells. Getting ahead of our story, we must say that the orders from the Ministry of Defense were typical for SKMZ just after the October Revolution, during the Great Patriotic War and in the peaceful Soviet times. That was one more proof of the high technological level of the plant and its production base which was sufficient for production of the arms.


In 1919, the plant became the center for production and repairs of armored trains of the army in the Southern front. In 1920, the plant was nationalized and given the name of «Kramatorsky State-owned machine building and metallurgical plant» (KGMZ).


The plant started producing the rolling equipment. In 1932, a 120-ton housing for the USSR’s first blooming mill was made.


In autumn 1929, laying of the foundation-stone of «Novokramatorsky machine building plant», the future giant of the Soviet machine-building, was layed. The employees from KGMZ were the first builders and specialists on the site of this plant. The new plant needed over 20,000 machine-builders. The main weight in providing the new plant with the personnel fell on KGMZ: tens of workers who were trained as foremen at schools of the socialist labour and worked at KGMZ were sent to the new plant.


In 1934, SKMZ was singled out as an independent plant named «Starokramatorsky machine building plant». In 1935, it was named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze.


Shortly before the Great Patriotic War, the shop intended to make munitions was commissioned. When the war broke out, the whole plant was transferred to production of munitions. Production of aircraft bombs, shells and machine guns as well as performance of orders for navy was initiated in Kramatorsk.


In October, 1941 the plant was evacuated to Irkutsk where production of munitions was set going. After Kramatorsk was liberated from Nazis, the specialists from SKMZ came back and started restoring the ruined plant.


In 1946, by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the plant was awarded the order of the Red Banner of Labour.


In 1947, the world’s first unified ore and cool gantry reloader of a welded version was made.


In 1949, the USSR`s first fine gas cleaner for «Azovstal» was made. «SKMZ» started exporting their products. In 1952, the first 10-ton air and steam hammer was made. Several orders for «Zaporozhstal» were performed. In 1958, the products from «SKMZ» were marked with special diplomas at the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements (Moscow).


During 60-s-80-s, production of a wide range of the precision and finishing rolling equipment was started at «SKMZ». This included cold mills; precision flattening mills; hot-rolled strip shearing lines; lines for cutting strips of aluminum and non-ferrous metals and alloys; section-bending units and turbine mills, straightening and cutting machines for sheet and section mills. The product with the trade mark of «SKMZ» were shipped to India, Pakistan, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Korea, Japan, Iran, Turkey etc.


During perestroika, when the Soviet Union had disintegrated, the plant lost the main commodity markets. «SKMZ» was not capable to produce rolling equipment to the amounts that were typical before. We tried to look for the new possibilities for getting profits.


In 1990, the metal specialties shop and the shop for producing bimetallic tiles were commissioned.


In 1993, the shop for making slag-concrete blocks was put into service while in the mechanical shop production of the gas heaters was initiated.


In 1999, the plant started cooperation with «Ukrzaliznitsya» administration. «SKMZ» mastered production of the rail track repair and maintenance machines. In 2002, «SKMZ» was awarded the Order of Honour by the international Brain-Power academy for considerable contribution of the national machine engineering.


We entered this centure with the new capabilities


In 2004, the new team of the top managers came to the plant and opened a new era in the plant history.


The system of sales was radically changed and directed towards the aggressive marketing.


We established more close relations with the plants in Ukraine and the neighboring Russia. At the same time cooperation with the far abroad countries such as India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt ect. Was established.


The strategy turned out to be correct: sales rates increased drastically being 115 percent in 2004 compared to previous year, 132 percent in 2005 and 155 percent in the first half of 2006. Output plans used to be over fulfilled and the new work places set up.


In the year of the 110-th anniversary of SKMZ, a new heavy steel structures shop that provided 130 new work places was commissioned. We started making new product and establishing new business relations. In summer of 2006, SKMZ completed manufacture of the gantry reloader, coke battery servicing machines and a pair of the ballast cleaning machines for railways. Negotiations with Ukrzalyznitsa railways with the aim of producing several rail track repair machines were initiated. That meant rather good prospects for the plant.


In 2006, SKMZ obtained the international quality management certificate from TUV NORD SERT. This certificate recognized all over the world means a guarantee of top quality of our products and enables us to make more efficient contracts with the customers including the foreign ones.


In 2007, the fleet of machines in the shop No.4 was updated.


In spite of the heavy crisis that burst out in 2006, we continued manufacture of the ПМГ Grab-bucket ore reloader; RM-80 Ballast-cleaning machines; ВПР-09-32 CSM Straightening tamping and levelling machines; AFM 2000 Truck stabilizing and planing machine, ЦПО 80 Universal equipment carriers; 6-Car and 9-Car soiled ballast handling trains.


In 2010, the 17 ЭКУ 1-М Electric locomotives for by-product coke industry were made.


In 2011, based on the protocol of the General meeting of share-holders the plant was given the name of «Starokramatorsky machine building plant» PJSC. The first BPC-93-110 Car dumper for «Arcelor-Mittal Kryvoi Rog» and the 2 ЭКУ 1-М electric locomotive for the by-product coke plant in Poland were made.


In 2012, «SKMZ» PJSC confirmed the international Quality certificate based on certification carried out in compliance with TIC certification and auditing procedure (Certificate TIC 15 100 96439 by TÜV, Thüringen e.V.) for conformity with ISO 9001:2008. The fleet of machines in the assembly shop No.2. was replenished.


In 2013, Ukrsepro certificate for compliance with DSTU ISO 9001:2009 was issued in favour of «SKMZ».


A new upgraded Dynamic tamping express 09-3X capable to simultaneously tamp three sleepers at high speed and with top quality was made the same year.



In 2014, another crisis burst out. However, under conditions of the political unrest and military operations on the territory of Kramatorsk in May-June, 2014 we try to retain our personnel and production capabilities. This year production of the ВРС 125-М Car dumper, car pushers and crushing and milling machines is being continued.


Today, «SKMZ» PJSC sticks to the four major trends in their production and innovation program.


These include:


1. Metallurgical and rolling equipment.

«SKMZ» started production of such equipment in the 20-s of the last century. Нere are the products that «SKMZ» was always famous for and appreciated today.


2. Railway track repair and maintenance machines.

Due to a large demand these machines for the Ukrainian railways, «SKMZ» continuous to master production of them in cooperation with Plasser&Thoirer (Austria).


3. Coke equipment.

A rapid progress of the by-product coke industry gives «SKMZ» PJSC a chance to increase production of this kind of equipment including coke machines, coke cars and some machines for servicing coke batteries.


4. Crane equipment.

The progress in ore-mining and metallurgical complex and ever-growing demand from the users in Ukraine and the CIS make it possible to continue manufacture of gantry reloaders, gantry cranes, overhead travelling cranes, grab-bucket cranes and some other hoisting equipment. In so doing, the basic steel structures are made at our plant.


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