Development of the plant


Sept. 22, 1896 Assembly plant founded by «W. Fizher & K. Hamper», a reputed firm from Austria was commissioned at Kramatorskaya station 1 kilometer from the ail way


1900, 1910 Products made at Kramatorsky assembly plant was twice awarded Grand Prizes at the international industrial Exhibition in Plant


1902Production of rolling equipment was brought to a commercial level


1920 – The plant was nationalized and named Kramatorsky state-owned machine-building plant (KGMZ)


1922 – Alter the civil war Kramatorsky machine building plant was boned as the subsidiary one for the mines in Donbass under the crisis conditions


1925The plant was named «KGMZ» trust. The first 325-mm and 720-mm rolling mills were made


1929-1934 – KGMZ became a part of «Krammashstoi» group of enterprises


1930KGMZ participated in manufacture of te ASSR’s first blooming mill


1934The plant was separated from «Krammashstoi» as an independent Starokramatorsky machine-building plant (SKMZ)


1935SKMZ was named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze


1941 – The Great Patriotic War broke out. The plant employees, equipment to Irkutsky heavy machinery plant (IZTM)


1943 – The plant was rehabilitated after liberation of Kramatorsk from Nazis


1946SKMZ became the winner of the All-Union socialist emulation and was awarded the Order of The Red Banner of Labour


1950Equipment of the 1450-mm Continuous sheet mill, 325-mm and 720-mm mill was made


1952The first 10-ton Air and Steam Hammer was manufactured


1954 – A ring-rolling mill for the bearing-making plants was tested


1956The first slitting and cut-up unit’s in the 1680-mm sheet mill line for «Zaporozhstal» works were made and put into service


1959The first section-bending unit was made


1960-80-thsThe first 20-roll 400-mm mill was made. Production of a wide range of the finishing and precision rolling equipment was brought to a commercial level. This equipment included cold rolling mills; precision flattening mills; hot strip shearing units; units for cutting strips of aluminium, non-ferrous metals and alloys; section-bending units and turbine rolling mills; single-standing straightening and cutting machines for the sheet and section mills. Products made at SKMZ were exported to 25 countries all over the world


1983 – Automatic process control system was implemented at SKMZ


1983 – A rotary saw was shipped to Japan


1984 – The first 1350-mm 6-roll Non-reversing strip mill for cold aluminium and aluminium alloy foil was made


1985-1986 – A set of the rolling and finishing equipment for making products of non-ferrous metals and alloys including the needle-milling unit, 700-mm 4-roll and 20-roll mills, heat treatment and finishing lines was engineered


1987 – A 560-mm hot strip and sheet mill for making products of stainless, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant precision alloys was manufactured


1988 – A state-of-art set of equipment for the continuous 5-stand and 2-stand 630-mm Dressing mills was manufactured


1989 – Direct aluminum rolling unit was made


1990 – A bimetallic tile production line was commissioned


1992A set of equipment for producing closed tube welded section was made


1995 – The plant was reformed to «Starokramatorsky machine building plant» JSC


1996 A 100-year anniversary of the oldest plant in Ukraine was celebrated


1999 – Production of the rail track repair and maintenance machines in collaboration with «Plasser & Theurer» (Austria) was brought to a commercial level


2000The first two pieces of the RM 80 UHR. Ballast cleaning machines were manufactured


2001 The first ВПР 09-32 CSM straightening, tamping and lining, machine and the РСЗ-190-3-2-1 soiled ballast handling machine ordered by «Ukrzaliznitsa» were made


2002The Ukraine`s first AFM-2000 No.001 Rail track stabilizing and planning machine was made in collaboration with «Plasser & Theurer» (Austria)


2005A grab-bucket are gantry reloaded for «Uralskaya Stal» steel plant was manufactured


2006A 110-year anniversary of the plant was celebrated


2006Production of the coke equipment was initiated


2006 A new shop of large-sized steel structures which provided 130 new work places was commissioned. Production of crane reloaders and coke battery servicing machines was initiated. Two ballast cleaning machines were put into service on railways


2006 – The first coke equipment including the door extractor, coke pusher and coke guide machines for Nizhniy Tagyl steel plant was made


2006 International TÜV NORD SERT society (Gamburg, Germany) issued «SKMZ» a TÜV NORD SET Quality certificate that confirmed implementation and use of the Quality management system at the plant according to ISO 9001:2008


2007 A grab-bucket ore gantry reloader for «Yasinovsky coke by-product plant» was made


2008 – A ПМГ Reloader for «Moskoks» was manufactured


2008-2012 Production of a number of rail track repair and maintenance was in progress. This included RM-80 Ballast cleaning machines; ВПР-09-32 CSM Levelling, tamping and lining machines; AFM 2000 Rail track stabilizing and planning machine; УНО-80 Universal equipment carriers; and 6-car and 9-car modernized soiled ballast handing machines


2010 – 17 ЭКУ 1-М Electric locomotives for «Koksokhimmash Design Office» PJSC and «Koksokhim» JSC (Chelyabinsk) were made


2011Based on a Protocol of a general share-holders meeting «SKMZ» was given the name of «Starokramatorsky machine-building plant» PJSC


2011 – The first ВРС -93-110 Car dumper for «ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog» was made


2011The 2 ЭКУ 1-М Electric locomotive for by-product coke plants in Poland was made


2012 – The international quality certificate issued in favour of SKMZ was confirmed based on certification and audit carried out for conformity with ISO 9001:2008 Certificate TIC 15 100 96439 (TÜV Thüringen e.V)

2012 – Updating of the available equipment was in progress


2013SKMZ was issued a Certificate of Ukrscpro for conformity with DSTU ISO 9001: 2009


2013The Ukraine’s first advanced «Dynamic 09-3X» track repair machine that provides simultaneous tamping of three sleepers, high operating rate and top quality of works was made, tested and certified


2014 – New kinds of products including crushing-and-milling machines, car pusher and the ВРС 125-М car dumper were made for Ekibastuz thermal power station No.1



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