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1. Auxiliary and Precision Rolling Equipment

1.1. Cold Rolling Mills


  • 400/1000x500 4-h. cold cladding mill.
  • 20-Roll mills.
  • 400x800 2-h. Reversing skin-rolling mill.
  • 4-h. Reversing mills (including precision ones).
  • Flatting mills.
  • 630 5-Stand continuous mill.
  • 1350 Non-reversing cold strip rolling mill.


1.2. Section-Bending Units.

  • Open, semi-open and closed section-bending units.
  • Welded tube mill.
  • Corrugated and wave-shaped section-bending units.


1.3. Hot-Rolled Strip Slitting and Cutup Lines.

Design features and advantages:

  • Coiling section layout features small size and provides considerable saving of time upon threading slit strips into the brake stand and the coiler drum.
  • Changeable quick-set slitting stands.
  • Changeable coiler and uncoiler drums.


1.4. Cold-Rolled Strip Slitting and Cutup Lines.

  • Steel and non-ferrous strip cutup lines.
  • Stainless steel strip slitting lines.
  • Non-ferrous strip slitting lines.
  • Aluminium-alloy strip slitting lines.


1.5. Straightening Units.

1.6. Straightening Machines.


  • Sheet-straightening machine.
  • Section-straightening machines.
  • Tube-straightening machines.


1.7. Shears and Saws.



  • Strip plate end flying shears.
  • Strip cut-to-length flying shears.
  • Rotary shears.
  • Scrap choppers.
  • HCГP Hot-bar shears.
  • HCXP Cold-bar shears.




  • PP and P3 Rotary hot saws.
  • ЛПГ 60x6 Rotary flying saw.
  • Sliding-frame hot saws.
  • Hot drop saws.


1.8. Tooling and Accessories.

“SKMZ” JSC has acquired over a fifty-year experience of manufacturing various rolling equipment including a wide range of the cold and warm mill rolls.


  • Cold and warm mill rolls.
  • Section-forming elements for section-bending units.
  • Tube-straightening rollers.
  • Electromagnetic rollers for sheet pilers.
  • Shear blades of various shapes (circular shears blades up to 990mm dia., straight, herringbone and section-shaped blades).
  • Saw disks up to 2500mm dia.



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